Paediatric foot problems are a common sight in Podiatry practices.

Rapid growth and the complexity of the foot structure can lead to a variety of ailments that can impact a child’s development.

Children can suffer from the same foot and ankle problems as adults, unfortunately the misconception that a child will outgrow their foot problem often leads to children only receiving the appropriate treatment later on in their lives/development and, subsequently, with more complications.

Assessment by a Podiatrist can help put parents’ minds at ease and allow for early/timely intervention, where appropriate.

Podiatry Association Of South Africa Children Foot Health

Tips for children’s feet

  • Check feet for anomalies – If there is something you’re unsure about, consult your Podiatrist
  • No shoes or booties – Infant’s feet should not be unnecessarily restricted as it can lead to associated and/or structural development problems
  • Shoes – Children’s feet should be protected in shoes which are lightweight, breathable and made from flexible materials