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The Podiatry Association works with government and educational bodies to ensure that a quality Podiatric service is available when and where it is needed.

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Foot health should not be trusted with just anyone — make sure that your Podiatrist is a member of The Podiatry Association of South Africa.

Our Vision

The Podiatry Association of South Africa

To ensure that the Podiatry Profession and Registered Podiatrists are universally recognised as essential providers of foot and ankle care.

  • EDUCATE the public, healthcare bodies and students on the intricate role of Podiatry in a multi-disciplinary healthcare community
  • ADVANCE the profession through effective clinical and socioeconomic studies
  • ADVOCATE on behalf of Registered Podiatric practitioners, the furtherance of the Podiatry Profession to medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners in public and private healthcare delivery systems, to allow Podiatrists to practice to the fullest extent of their education and training to improve timely patient access to specialised foot and ankle care
  • LEAD in developing future leaders and exceptional members through effective governance
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