Foot health


Senior patients tend to develop complications in their feet which can be associated with chronic medical conditions and/or having spent a lot of time in a weight bearing position (i.e. whilst working)

Foot problems can signify more serious medical conditions such as arthritis, metabolic and neurovascular disorders (to mention a few).

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Regular assessment by a Podiatrist is important to ensure adequate foot function to maintain an active, healthy and pain free (or pain-managed) life.

  • Check feet regularly – get assistance from a friend or family member or use a mirror to assess the bottom of your feet
  • Moisture control is important to prevent skin conditions – apply lotion to dry feet and ensure feet prone to sweating are kept cool and dry
  • Avoid the use of commercial corn pads or medication as these may be harmful to your skin

Chronic conditions

Podiatrists assist in the management of chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, gout and arthritis by assessing and managing foot complications associated with these conditions.

Podiatrists can assist with vascularity, neural functioning, musculoskeletal integrity and dermatological profile of patients with chronic conditions to ensure they are treated and referred appropriately.

Tips for patients with chronic conditions

  • Consult a Podiatrist for a comprehensive foot assessment at least once a year
  • Check your feet regularly for any changes or anomalies by using a mirror or asking someone for help
  • Don’t disregard foot pain or changes – consult a Podiatrist as soon as possible